After Sales Care

After Sales Care

After Sales Care - a valuable deal for your business

Anker Andersen offers a complete range of highly professional After Sales services and spare parts solutions to keep your HLZ® counting and sorting system in maximum performing condition, ensuring your productivity and your profit.

We listen to your needs in order to provide you with a service solution matching your specific requirements. This tailored service approach applies to all Anker Andersen counting and sorting systems throughout the world.


After Sales Care

After Sales Care

We do our utmost to maintain premium quality and a reliable service in order to be your preferred supplier of trust. Our goal is to suit your needs to the last detail offering the following:

  • Tailored service contracts
  • Worldwide availability
  • Equable service for all countries
  • Fast spare parts supply - tailormade spare parts kits
  • Prompt and timely technical assistance
  • Highly skilled and reliable team
  • On-site training of staff - operation and maintenance

With our tailored approach to service, we offer customized service concepts matching your specific application and requirements ranging from "Complete Care" to "Own Care" to "Basic Care" to "Support and Software Care" and to "Connection Care". 

In this way we take the responsibility for service off your hands allowing you to focus on what you do best. 

If you are interested in learning more about our After Sales service concepts, please contact our After Sales team.

After Sales Academy

After Sales Academy

We offer to train your staff to ensure successful and reliable operation of your HLZ® counting and sorting system.

Upon installation of a new system our technical experts assist you in ensuring correct commissioning and startup. We share our knowledge and train your staff and operators to ensure the best possible starting point for optimum performance.

In addition, we have developed an After Sales Academy Concept which consists of different training programs enabling your internal operators/technicans to perform service and maintenance, support and trouble-shooting on your HLZ systems, ensuring maximum yield, better counting and sorting performance and less downtime. We offer the following customized training programs:

  • General introduction course
  • Service and maintenance course
  • Emergency trouble-shooting and service course
  • Refresher course

The training programs also include cleaning of your HLZ® system, which is crucial for the daily operation and efficiency of your system. We include a special cleaning kit with every HLZ® system in order to make sure that your operators have the most efficient cleaning equipment.

Please get in touch with our After Sales team, if you want to learn more about training of your staff.

Spare parts

Spare parts

When placing your order for a HLZ® counting and sorting system, we will always send you a quotation for a kit of recommended spare parts, which will be delivered together with your new HLZ® system.

In addition, we support you with tailored maintenance kits for exactly your HLZ® system as well as recommendations for preventive maintenance.

We can also offer you spare parts management meaning that our After Sales team monitors your spare parts/consumables usage and compares it with average usage. 

Please contact our After Sales team regarding requests for spare parts, maintenance kits or spare parts management.

Remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics and support is a fast and efficient way to solve problems and to save time and money.

Our in-house After Sales team will answer your questions by phone or e-mail and assist you in solving any problems you may encounter.

In addition, we offer remote support and diagnostics, as our highly educated software engineers directly access your HLZ® high-speed counting and sorting system for trouble-shooting to provide maximum uptime.

If you have a service request, please get in touch with our After Sales team.

Software updates and upgrades

Software updates and upgrades

We offer our customers software updates and upgrades for the application software on the HLZ® high performance counting and sorting systems.

We perform software updates/upgrades via remote access to your HLZ® system during Anker Andersen’s normal working hours.

Please get in touch to learn more about our software updates/upgrades.

After Sale Service Request

Service request

We can help you optimize production and reduce downtime with the right spare parts and service offerings. Contact us to learn more:

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