Strong competences within consultancy and installation of high performance counting and sorting solutions for global deposit systems.

From initial concept to commissioning and continuous development.


Counting and sorting of used beverage containers is basically about improving our common environment and achieving a more sustainable future.

Deposit on beverage containers has proven to be a highly efficient way to ensure that beverage containers are recycled. Our HLZ® systems are the foundation of all efficient deposit systems worldwide for the benefit of the world and the next generations.


Our experience and high expertise in circular economy also comprises the ability to advise our customers to choose the right solution so that their investment in counting and sorting systems becomes a profitable business.

Thus, our clients are guaranteed an economic incentive to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Relationship-based cooperation

We have many years’ experience in close and long-standing cooperation with all customer segments and stakeholders.

They are all important partners who we advise and assist throughout the entire process. We strengthen our partnership and our companies through mutual learning.

Competences - core

We cooperate with all stakeholders and let them draw on our long experience gained from more than 400 HLZ® installations all over the world.

We assist you all the way in your efforts to implement solutions for high-speed counting and sorting of used beverage containers. Our experience and know-how secure that your investment is designed to meet future requirements as regards sustainability and new packaging types.

Anker Andersen is your partner.

Management from initial concept to commissioning and continuous development
The process

Management from initial concept to commissioning and continuous development

Our services and products play a prominent role in all aspects when a new deposit return scheme for used beverage containers is to be implemented. Right from the first surveys regarding advantages/disadvantages to the final installation and commissioning of counting and sorting systems for non-returnable containers.

Our success is due to well-proven and carefully prepared processes, which ensure solid results through high performance and long-life counting and sorting solutions.

The process


Based on many years of experience our competences and know-how are at your disposal in connection with analyzing our customers’ needs, such as:

  • Requirements from local and national authorities
  • Requirements to the actual counting and sorting system and its configuration
  • Analysis of system capacity and return of investment
Subsequently, our experts will help you to determine the best HLZ® system for your requirements.


On the basis of a thorough requirement specification the HLZ® counting and sorting system is designed and manufactured. The system is subject to stringent tests in order to ensure operational excellence.
Further, logistics is prepared and arranged to ensure that the HLZ® system reaches its destination safely and in due time.


Our skilled and competent service engineers ensure that the HLZ® system is installed correctly. Subsequently, the system is tested on site before it is ready for operation and transfer to the customer.
The installation also includes training of the customers’ staff as regarding operation, cleaning and maintenance of the HLZ® counting and sorting system.

After sales

Our after sales services ensure your productivity, payback and profit.
We offer preventive maintenance of your HLZ® system and help you to maintain a consistent counting and sorting performance. We are only an e-mail/phone call away.



If you want to learn more about our competences and how we work, please contact us.